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IT GAMUT ENTERPRISES employs qualified technical engineers with either a distinguished track record of experiences and hands-on expertise or high academic merits and mid to no experience followed by an extensive training program on most up to date software development tools by our expert senior managers. Rigorous selection criteria assure that our potential incumbent is a qualified candidate to fit into our circle of professionalism and top quality levels pursued. Additionally, our staff members pass through quarter, semi-annual, and annual evaluations to stand on their weaknesses and strength as a way to constantly monitor their performance and take necessary actions when needed to keep them at top levels of knowledge, effectiveness, and quality focus. Training is our main objective to maintain and enhance the enabling superb qualifications of our technical staff. We assure that our technical developers pass through a verifying knowledge assessment periodically to ensure their technical competence to any major technical upgrade in the IT market. We believe that investing in our staff is a guaranteed rewarding type of investment. We are confident that our success is simply derived from our staff superb level of expertise, effectiveness and competence in both technical and business terms.

Meet the creative team

CEO Prashant Raj Malakar

Prashant Raj Malakar


Peter Drucker, the management guru,said "Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice." And true he was! Mr. Prashant Raj Malakar, the founder and CEO of IT GAMUT Enterprises, started off in his entrepreneurial journey right from his tender teens. He already had the rich experience of organizing events, owning and running retail-showroom for high-end mobile phone brands and printing press before completing his college. This experience gave him significant industry contacts; sound understanding of Nepali entrepreneurial ecosystem, and helped shape him as a competent businessman and a credible team leader. A computer engineering by education, Prashant has a reason to name IT GAMUT Enterprise as it is. He and his team envisions the company to be the trusted name in the Nepali and international market as the IT-based company offering widest range of ace IT services. After all the ultimate goal is to act as the major contributor in changing the working ways from paper to online.

Ramesh Luitel

Ramesh Luitel


Ramesh Luitel, an Oracle10g/11g Expert, is a person with strong leadership and communication capacity loaded with the proficiency in Microsoft Office Tools and Visio. US Resident, Luital is a multi-tasker and has 17 years of experience in different information and technology fields. His years of hardwork and dedication have made him able to become a distinguishable Expert in Oracle Database. Mr. Luitel has been an important business consultant for IT Gamut Enterprises Private Limited since its commencement. He had provided his expert advices for the growth and development of the organization.

Our Team

IT GAMUT ENTERPRISES is a dynamic professionally competent IT company blending the core group of specialists with extensive software programming and development experience with a management team that understands client satisfaction and performance.